I’ll pull myself together!

I’ll pull myself together!
’cause there’s always a way out!

I’ll pull myself together!
’cause there’s always a way out!

Feel like you can’t do it on your own?

With Eva’s help you can customize a solution tailored for you – towards your joy and success
Doesn’t matter who you think you are,
we will make sure our work together makes you the best that you can be!

Any and all areas of life can be solved
with a little bit of help from the right lifecoach:

párkapcsolati problémák

Relationship feeling off?

„I have been living and working full time in Hungary for several months. Initially my wife said she was happy to join me for the experience however, recently she seems distracted and  distant. She keeps saying she is fine but I can tell something isn’t right? How can I reestablish the spark in our marrriage?”

Family Crisis

„Our son now 8 years old has a much better vocabulary in Hungarian, more well spoken than myself and his father. Lately he is misbehaving, arrogantly talking back to us in Hungarian using words that we can barely understand. We feel like we are losing the authority with him as parents. He won’t listen and we don’t believe it’s acceptable to let the boy run his own house.
Anything you can recommend?”

Munkahelyi nehézségek

Workplace Incidents

„I was promoted to management position with the Hungarian Subsudiary of the multinational company that i’m currently employed with. Because of the language barrier, my boss here in Hungary seems to undermine any advice or guidance I may have provided within the duties of my Managing the department. He simply has no respect and thinks nothing of my integrity. If I don’t do sommething soon I worry I might lose the promotion or even my job. What should I do?”

When life seems to go flat

Things just aren’t going the way I’d like. I’m not happy and I don’t know why. Maybe it’s hopeless and i’ll just give up?

Életvezetési problémák
kiégés, burn out

Burn out

„I used to be extremely extroverted. I enjoyed my career, I spent time loving hobbies and found pleasure in solitude as well as making time with loved ones. Recently I’ve lost my ambition and I just don’t feel motivated at all. Maybe I’m depressed?”

Eva Markus - „Ontological” coaching

Why me?

If you know you are a capable person but have never needed or been able to ask for help that doesn’t necessarily mean you wouldn’t benefit from doing seeking help.

I, used to be of this opinion until I found myself in a situation I was unable to handle and control even with all the abilities, skills and knowledge I’d gained throughout my life. Then I realized that it was in fact me that had to look at things from a different angle. That only I can make my life a better place. This is where I come in – to offer the basics to guide you from a professional standpoint.

I know from my own experience what it entails to live and work as an expat in a foreign country. I too have lived the sorrow of certain problems expats may generally suffer from whilst living and working in Australia. I stand here today as a strong confident woman who is in charge of her life. You can too.

What my services will offer is the skills to find the most desirable and realistic solution in solving the inconsistencies in life, the things we are unhappy about and teach you a customized approach to rid our lives of what makes us unhappy.


Getting familiarized with the problem

Making a profile includes recording and outlinging the matters or issues that we want to work on solving by means of identifying tasks and setting goals towards achieving content. Together we will explore the options by means of observing personality traits and personal values, existing abilities and skills to then outline what courses of action to take to resolving them.


1. Preparation for the selected option
2. Carefully design the necessary action to be taken
3. Put selected action to test
4. Evaluate results
5. Based on feed back focusing on effectiveness and outcome, we modify the strategy if and as necessary.


deem our „Mission Accomplished” when together we can agree that we’ve achieved those goals and resolved what keeps the client from finding the true joy in their lives. The purpose of this coaching is to furnish the client with solid befitting, realistic and most desired solutions and skills to bring characteristics into our reality.

Terms of our Sessions

3-6 occassions

60 min./session

Full confidentiality




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on weekdays


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